> Full Day Gravel Rally includes six driving sessions, Two Timed sessions and a passenger ride (9.30am - 4.30pm)

The Full Day course is our most popular course driving our Rear Wheel Drive Subaru Impreza's, this course is as near to you will find as if your were competing in an actual rally, All of our instructors are regular competitors and know exactly how to help you achieve and adapt to a fun and exciting driving style but also keep you in a safe and controlled manor.

Please do not mistake us for the 3 laps, thank you very much and hope to see you again type of superstore experience, Our success is due to customer satisfaction and our feedback and repeat custom is a testament to that.

The full day session consists of 3 tuition drives in the morning learning plenty of techniques such as the Scandinavian flick, Handbrake Turn, Power slide control etc, after you practice drives your instructor will be pushing you to the extreme to ensure that your first timed competition drive is as competitive as possible against your fellow competitors.

Lunch Break is for 30 min's (12.30pm)

With a slight twist in the afternoon sessions again its all to play for as each drive will become more intense to prepare you for your final timed drive, Will you mange to hold your composure for timed runs and keep your nearest competitor at bay ????  

At the end of the experience each client will receive a high speed passenger ride from the instructor, followed by a group debrief and a trophy presentation.

All our cars are prepared to the high standards by our own rally team mechanics.

NO online Credit or debit Card Booking Fee's.

Our experience has been summed up in one word by many customers, Sideways !

Subaru Tarmac Rally Taster includes 3 driving sessions and a passenger ride (9.00 am - 11.00am)

The Tarmac Rally Taster Consists of 3 drives and a passenger ride, This fun and exciting taster takes place on a purpose built low friction rally stage which will offer you plenty of sideways action.

Drivers will find themselves behind the wheel of our specially converted Rear Wheel Drive and very sideways Subaru Impreza's, your professional instructors will extract the very best of your abilities when it comes to car control!

Your taster session will finish off with a very sideways passenger ride with your instructor.

PLEASE NOTE: Tarmac rally takes place at Stafford Driving Centre, Staffordshire.

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